March 26th, 2019

No way to compromise

No compromise, Ambiga wants Kiandee out as PAC chief was mentioned today in an article.

And many would have keeping mumps on two issues dominating the news as we start a new year in 2019, at least here in our country are ‘the dancing gala and paper qualifications’.

And everyone knows that ‘politicians’ are said to be ‘twisters cum tweeters’.

We need leaders who are not only competent but also trustworthy thus credibility is the bedrock of leadership.

We have to hold ourselves up to higher standards of public accountability and transparency.

This is not just ‘warung’ or coffee stalls tale.  This is the way all generations prior to the current one were schooled. 

Not just concerning politics, but in all things involving human interactions, including educations, business, international affairs and even marriage.

No one gets everything they want.  Half a solution is better than no solution at all. 

To schooling students, getting a pass is better than failings.

People holding positions are mostly stubborn and rigid, most of the time the right one will often do more harm than good. 

It is also sometime said a bad deal is really worse than no deal at all, but not all the time.

One of the many great things about Malaysia, our country and its politics has always been the pragmatism of its people, and by extension its elected representatives. 

It is often seen that, anything within the limits of a moral and ethical framework, can be compromised so as to make it works for ‘them’.

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