May 1st, 2019

Misconduct and power abuse still reigns in us

Since PH came into power, Dr Mahathir said he did not see much problem in administering the country, although there were some people who were dropped because of their abuse of power.

This was repeated by the Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah that misconduct can be avoided if loyal workers are in the country.

But then most cases and issues of misconduct and abuse of power by the ‘superiors’ are ‘swept under the carpet’. Double standards practices are common too.

Many reported cases are just being attended for formality sake, it’s just reporting cases and actions are back-fired to the ‘whistleblowers’ or the one who had made the report.

Perpetrators go free, and escaped without action taken on them, and this had made situations goes really sour.

Perpetrators now tend to scheme-up and waiting for other ways to hit-back.

Workplace tormenting and intimidating is all too common, and it leaves a permanent negative impact on both the victim and the attitudes and behaviour characteristic of a particular social group.

Power misuse or abuse is an issue that a large portion of us have encountered sooner or later, regardless of whether we realize it openly or not.

It has been debated controversially and has been the subject of interest and gaining rounds especially in the workplace.

Based on a study by Vital Smart on workplace abuse, only 4 percent said they were not part of workplace abused (maybe form the executive group) while 54 percent said they had been bullied for years now.

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