May 6th, 2019

Let's be nice and not call others 'bad'

Recently, our medias were filled with ‘the musketeers are professor kangkung’ and also ‘the return of the empty vessels’.

And now, name calling like ‘stupid or bodoh’ had just been aired in the medias.

I do agree on “when you do know nothing, don’t talk” but adding another ‘stupid’ may not be nice.

The name calling or labeling are from prominent respected person of the country.

In previous years, some had very good returned as the political storm just was made benefited to some.

It was not unlike what is going on the national level right now, some may had completely politically ignorant on the local level.

Some viewers and readers are passionate and heated and pretty vocal.

Some writings weren’t very nice especially shared in Facebook group or viral through WhatsApp or comments by readers.

I wish I hadn’t joined to write as they did though I may not agree with on any level some stuff about them that were not cool.

Though we way agree or may not agree or they may be right nor wrong, I wouldn’t be doing things I wouldn’t approve of had my children done them.

Are we setting a good example?

It was absolutely a do as I say, not as I do kind of situation.

Self awareness is important in talking about sensitive topics.

Where are the good values we are talking about but instead we have really ramped up the name calling on everywhere.

Nothing good comes from name calling.

It doesn’t win your argument. It doesn’t cause the person you are disagreeing with to see the light.

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