May 29th, 2019

What do we really want from our education system?

Ever since the new Minister of Education had taken office, everyone seems to put words of glorifying on our education system.

Medias of the old government had place contradictions on the Malaysian education system; some said is good, some say to ‘revamp’, but then what is considered a successful education that most of us call for.

My bet is to look at our curriculum from pre-school to university. Different views come from different schools of thoughts.

Basically, pupils should be taught the “core knowledge”, but who can define ‘core knowledge’. Could it be of facts and figures, reciting mathematical tables, or even general knowledge?

Hong Kong emphasizes diligence and will complain if schools don't provide enough homework and most opt to have private tuition.

Stating curriculum, we are sure to be keen on key exam subjects which is academic. In any schooling, there’s book to be read and the scheme of work, teachers need to work on.  

The arts and science subjects are there for children. Examinations and assessment will measure your performance; children will have to bear working under pressure and towards exams.

To a large extent the style of teaching is traditional but it is not rote learning without understanding, it is memorization with understanding.

Pedagogy is a mix of academic rigor and structure. There's a theory of learning behind everything.

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