February 6th, 2020

Balancing academic and personal development

The current Malaysia graduate job market is one of the most competitive we've ever known.

Time and time again employers tell us that a degree alone is not indicative of a well-rounded graduate, but the truth is, if you don’t meet the grades (plus good in English) then you better join the ‘grape’s pickers group (penganggur)’.

Next is to blame the ‘experts’ in the institute of higher educations, as they are the one who knows all , with the highest level papers of the academics  to provide further development opportunities to complement the academic curriculum. Is this fair?

Many had written on ‘give them the right tools, as students will thrive in taking charge of their own development’, and again what are the tools provided?

It’s not the same as ‘give the child a fishing rod and not the fish …”.

And again,  to help them do this, we need to reassess our role as higher education providers.

We should not just provide the opportunities for students to achieve good academic results but actively promote the benefits of a wider curriculum to students.

We also should not give them ‘A’s’ freely just because to please the ‘administrators’ at helm.

After all, institute of higher education should be seen as a transformative experience through which students can prepare themselves to succeed in the many and varied roles they will undertake in future life.

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