November 1st, 2021

Psychometric Politik

Ia akan menguntungkan semua orang jika ahli politik kita turut mengambil ujian psikometrik dan berkongsi keputusan dengan pengundi.

Ujian psikometrik yang mantap menunjukkan siapa anda sebenarnya.

Jika 'awak yang  sejati' layak dan sesuai, apa yang perlu ditakuti?

Subjektiviti dan maklumat yang salah akan hilang; pengundi akan berasa lebih berpengetahuan , mungkin lebih terlibat secara positif; dan ahli politik akan berasa lebih yakin untuk menampilkan diri mereka seperti yang sebenarnya.

Buat masa ini, kita berjuang untuk benar-benar 'mengenal' ahli politik sedia ada dan, walaupun jumlah masa siaran yang mereka terima, landskap media tidak begitu membantu.

Biasanya, ujian psikometrik hanya tertumpu kepada aspek personaliti yang relevan dengan prestasi dalam sesuatu peranan.

Dalam kapasiti ini, ujian psikometrik benar-benar boleh menumpukan pada keberkesanan seorang ahli politik dari segi prestasi mereka dan menentang aspek yang lebih remeh dan berlebihan dalam keperibadian mereka, yang entah bagaimana telah menjadi kebiasaan bagi ahli politik.

Kita merasakan sebagai satu keperluan untuk 'meluluskan' semua jenis aspek kehidupan mereka, dari moral dan etika mereka kepada apa yang mereka pakai, bagaimana rupa mereka atau bahkan bagaimana mereka makan minum.

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Join the test I

It will benefit everyone if our politicians also take psychometric tests and share the results with voters.

A robust psychometric test shows who you really are.

If the ‘true you’ is worthy and appropriate, what is there to fear?

Subjectivity and misinformation will be lost; voters will feel more knowledgeable, perhaps more positively engaged; and politicians will feel more confident to present themselves as they really are.

For now, we struggle to really ‘get to know’ existing politicians and, despite the amount of broadcast time they receive, the media landscape isn’t very helpful.

Typically, psychometric testing only focuses on personality aspects that are relevant to performance in a given role.

In this capacity, psychometric testing can really focus on a politician’s effectiveness in terms of their performance and counteract the more trivial and excessive aspects of their personality, which have somehow become the norm for politicians.

We feel it as a necessity to ‘approve’ all kinds of aspects of their lives, from their morals and ethics to what they wear, how they look or even how they eat and drink.

This makes them more like ‘celebrities’, where their success is based on a broader appeal than their performance potential in the role, but they rarely have the resources or even the appetite to manage themselves in such a way.

This sense of approval/rejection allows our own lives to be more comparable and close to theirs.

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Join Test

No one but a candidate really pays attention to elections all the time.

No less is the ‘effort of the ‘MUDA’ group who wish to vote but are only allowed from Jan 2022.

There’s something that might be wrong or right with that, and it feels like we need to suggest an idea other than the norm: Forget voting for a while.

What do we suggest for those who are running for office to take a written test. Never mind the political talk.

If a prospective student takes the Psychometric Test and Examination to enter college like a teacher candidate takes the Teacher Candidate Qualification Test, a pre-employment candidate takes the PSEE (Public Service Entrance Examination) then what about every political post candidate taking the Political Aptitude Test to hold office.

It will test their knowledge of the issues and their intelligence.

The candidate who gets the highest score in the test will win and be given a position.

Voters have become increasingly restless and confused lately as there are many things that are wrong with our election.

For starters, the average voter disagrees with the selection of the intended candidate.

We get ADUNs, existing Members of Parliament by the politicians of the contesting parties.

In the primary election, we had to choose between several candidates that we did not choose. That is definitely not right.

The previous year, the percentage of candidates who were already in the Dewan Rakyat was re -elected, that was not counted as ‘wakil rakyat katak’

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