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Can You Believe This?

There are few people outside do far more better job than us and still glad about their job.. This guy here is a Coolie () at Bangalore, Kalasyapalya bus stop (City market) who usually carry luggage to/from the bus. As per one of my friend's advice, we understand that of late carry 2 wheelers as well from place to another (Interesting na?). Please try out next time.  Volvo bussesbus stationLuggage carrier

Please take few seconds to think how they carry 2 wheelers to the bus?


Most of the times they carry it in the box located under the bus…and if the box is full some times they carry the vehicle to top of the bus.


Without scrolling down, can someone guess how they carry the vehicle????
























Few facts:


Weight of the Pulsar 150 CC is around 200 kg


The cost of the Volvo side glass is about 30000


The cost of the vehicle…??


After seeing the above effort that he has made do you guys know how much is he charging?? Just Rs.20/-



Monday, January 26, 2009 10:22 PM "Ahmad Fuad Ahmad" <>



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