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Exam Changes

 2010/10/10 From Fauziah Ismail in Sydney

FROM 2016 onwards, the Penilaian Menengah Rendah examination for Form Three students will be replaced with a school-based assessment to be drawn up by the Malaysian Examination Syndicate.

As for the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah examination for Year Six students, significant improvements will be made to the papers.

A school-based assessment was found to be more suitable for students in the country’s 7,000 secondary schools. Such an assessment, which has been carried out in 550 schools nationwide since 2008, was found to be the preferred choice of m a ny.

These are among the recommendations in a report on the proposal to abolish both examinations. The move is part of the gover nment’s efforts to restructure the education system, which is perceived to be too exam-or iented.

Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will announce the full details of the report in another week or two. It will first be tabled in the cabinet for deliberations.

The Education Ministry held two roundtable sessions on the proposal to abolish the exams.

The first was on July 19, involving senior ministry officials, teachers’ unions, principals, headmasters and counsellors.

The second was on July 27, involving educators and university academicians, politicians, non-governmental organisations and interested parties.

Speaking to the Malaysian media at a breakfast session here yesterday, Muhyiddin said many of those at the roundtable sessions wanted the UPSR to be retained but with significant changes to improve its e f f e c t i ve n e s s.

“We may have to take into consideration the syllabus, maybe 60 per cent for the core academic subjects and 40 per cent for noncore subjects such as co-curriculum and c i v i c s. ” As there is a cycle in student enrolment in the education system, Muhyiddin said the move could not be implemented immediat e l y.

“If we want to improve the UPSR and PMR exams, it will have to be as early as 2016. It will be for students entering the system in 2011; the first examinations will be in 2016.” He said the ministry’s inclusive approach towards revamping education policies augured well as it took into consideration feedback from all the stakeholders concer ned.

Later, Muhyiddin and his wife, Puan Seri Noorainee Abdul Rahman, attended a dinner with Malaysian students and the Malaysian community.

Muhyiddin and his entourage will depart for Melbourne later today, where he will officiate at the opening of Malaysia Hall’s Wawasan block and hold a dialogue with s t u d e n t s.

He will also launch a “1Malaysia Korban” project initiated by the Victoria Malay Community Cooperative before having dinner with Malaysian students.

He will leave for home tomorrow morning.

Source: Exam Changes
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