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Father Kills Boy And Eats Him For Hitting His Son (bizarre)




Vengeful father in Naawan town in Misamis Oriental killed his son's rival, carved out meat from his body and shared it with his drinking buddies! Senior Inspector Carlos Oliveros, Naawan police station chief, said
residents found the remains of 16-year-old Rey Dadoles in a grassy portion of Barangay Mat-i last Friday.

Oliveros said Dadoles died after suffering 22 hack wounds. He said flesh was carved out of the boy's ribs and some of the body parts were also missing. He said Dadoles was brutally killed by Jovencio Tuyor and three other persons. "They took some parts of the boy's body. Tuyor ate the victim's flesh,". Tuyor admitted in an interview that he killed the boy. He said he only retaliated for his son, who was hit by the victim before the

He also confessed to taking some body parts of the victim and sharing it with his drinking buddies as "kinilaw," a local dish of raw meat slightly cooked with vinegar and ginger. Police said the three other suspects in the killing are now under protective custody.

via Hadi Yaacob


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