kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

The Hardest Thing To Break! ~ Repost

WHAT is it that's hard to break??? 
Diamonds are hard to find but not hard to Break.


What is the hardest thing to break then?                                   
The answer is: 
H A B I T!                                                       
If you break the 
H, you still have A BIT. If you break the A, you still have BIT. If you break the B, you still have IT!   
Hey, after you break the 
in IT, there is still the 'I'. 
And that (I) is the root cause of all the problems. Isn’t it right?!


Now you know why HABIT is so hard to break

 You think it is a frog and I think it is a horse! 
Moral: We have to respect each other's opinion and view; as you can see it clearly in the above picture. We just need to wait and listen actively to others' point of view!

via cylandar ganmir


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