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AK5100 Tumuhud Nunuk Ragang Dogo 1

 Dec 26, 2010. Woke up 320am so as to be ready for take-off AK5100 destination nunuk ragang dogo. Had express bathing and warmed-up the ‘small elephant’ engine. By 400 am all except the ‘prodigy’ on the to KL Central. By 420am boarded the Skybus and reached KLCC terminal at about 540am.


530am pushing the trolley at LCCT

By 610am, one 20 Kg and two ( 7Kg and 28Kg) boxes addressed to Dayang Miraina went past through the check-in station. 5 minutes later performed the subuh prayers at the KLCC mosalla; 0630hrs was called on-board and 0645hrs ready for take-off. As usual the Malayan time 6 minutes late, flight take-off should be 0650hrs but 0655hrs was the take-off.

Extra meal as San Chin needs another helping at RM12 plus Rm3 for drink

One hour later, stomach started singing and 2 beriani and 1 chicken rice were served with tea and coffee. Had to call for another set of breakfast i.e 1 chicken rice and tea; at this time overheard a passenger calling for ’nasi berlemak’ meaning an extra RM15.

At this time the journey is about 1hour to land, eyes drowsy…better make a full-stop and pause but was awakened by the bird-captain with the usual “830hrs AK5100. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your 'kapitan' speaking, we have received news from KK terminal and will be landing in Miri shortly till everything is fine in KK. A minor fire incident broke down at the terminal and no landing until further notice”. This was confirmed with the TV news and the STAR online .. Flights disrupted at Kota Kinabalu airport due to small fire.“The smoke was from the Telekom Malaysia equipment and battery room that was located at 1st floor of the Air Traffic Control centre (ATC) which was about 1.5km from the tower,” Kong said in a press statement Sunday. However, the fire and rescue team arrived shortly to put off the fire. See

By 9.00am, what to be on time came to a halt and down to Miri nest for a short 2-3 hours break. Took the others for a short break and me running for the usual ‘salt warehouse’ thingy. My kids as usual with their rounds. One and half-hor later we were called on-board as matters in KK was said to be OK. First we were told a small fire broke down and while on-board were told that the radar system was faulty.

Our first stop after 2 hours flight  .. land of Kenyalang 

1205 hours, the iron bird flew again and by 1235 we saw land again and finally landed safely to the land below the wind. A fine weather, and was laughing at the immigration counter as we were asked to produce our passport (for what is 1Malaya). Waited for the ‘bagasi’ while making SMS to friends of our presence.

By 1315hrs, Tuan Kamarudin of Dayang Mariani came and took us to Mandarin nest for a budget stay in Gaya Street. Reasonable price and where the KK Sunday market’s held and of course the place where I am supposed to meet a long-no-meet of 27 years friend.

Dah Hin Kartini, Jalan Gaya, Kota Kinabalu .. 24 hours running, affordable and reasonable price for food and drink plus 'pisang goreng panas'

Checked-in and 5 minutes later the guy appeared and straight to Dah Hin Kartini nearby. Talked about old days and his days. He also gave me his resume to be shared. Borned in 1958, Kg Bongol, Tuaran now moved to Kg Singgaron Baru, Ranau. Had 4 kids from marriages to which one passed away. Went to SK Kuong, Kota Belud, SMK Mat Salleh Ranau before pursuing his Diploma in Wood Tech (where we met and stayed together for 4 years). Went to Markyd, Sweden for another Diploma in Raw Water Treatment/ Water Effluent Treatment.

Upon graduation was appointed Asst.Plantation Officer in Safoda, Soo,Keningau. Moved to Sabah Forest Industry, Sipitang in the Pulp and Paper Mill as Production Executive then promoted to Assistant Manager. 2003-2005 became the Manager, Maya Engineering in KK.

The first of the KadazanDusun Hero .. met after 27 years MIA .. Tuan Sadi Mudi
Was the Director, Yudajaya Sdn Bhd., Kota Kinabalu before quitting due to ‘stroke’. Opened up food restaurent twice then ‘pemborong kelapa sawit’ in Tawau before returning to be ‘rubber tapper’ till now. Survived with his 4 kids and now active in PiBG SMK Mat Salleh Ranau and Pengasas, Angkatan Muslimah Ikhwan, Kg Lobong-Lobong.


Till we meet again .. insyaallah

He had to go back early as he had to attend a meeting which he his the Chairman and wanted me to help and assist him for the 2013 gathering of WT/FT 79-83 alumni. We parted and I took a walking stroll with him around Kg Air, Gaya and sent him to the bus station. Till we meet again,my friend, insyaallah. Hopefully you’ll be blessed with good health and future undertaking.

Drizzlling in KK as that what’s the people of KK told me and had to rushed back to the Mandarin nest and of course into the blanket; woke up still drizzling. Waited until the prayers before the night Malaya beat the Indons 3 nil and went for night supper at Asrin Curry House 24 hrs with the family.

So tomorrow the tumuhud continues, insyaallah.

More pictures ... here
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