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AK6069 Tumuhud Nunuk Ragang Dogo 1

 Dec 28, 2010. Morning had to be ready for AK6069, the children still in bed. Went down to buy nasi kuning and nasi berlemak and hot drinks for mak andeh and kids. I had mine at Dah Hin Kartini. Another call was made as they said they want more, went down again for another nasi kuning and nasi berlemak.


Had another 2 bags of goreng pisang for stand-by. Had my bath early to be ready and packed. They went back to sleep again and me ready to settled all bills. Promised the travel-agent that by 1130am off to airport.


1135 am the travel-agent reached the hotel and rushed to KK T2 nest. Right on the dot, saying thank you and handed her a bag of hot pisang goring. Checked-in and waited at the boarding room. Tried to connect to Maxis at the smoker’s room..ciiit only GPRS.

Again met Tuan Ahmad Manshor for the flight to Tawau

Again met Tuan Ahmad Manshor for the flight to Tawau. His AK6128 were delayed and we had a short chat again. Our AK6069 was on time, as AK6128 flew off, we followed suit 5 minutes later. I fell asleep (short doze) and missed the view of Mount Kinabalu, but then destination 013.853.0165 December 21, 1956.

Another KadazanDusun hero met after 27 years .. not much changed though born 1956. He can be contacted thru 
Fred Gangkai 013.853.0165

The flight was on time, by 200pm we landed in the ‘pawned land’. And there he was waiting for us at SDK waiting room, another 27 years no-time-long see, still not much changed and believed it or not he’s actually 56.

Sandakan round-about

Sandakan mosque

As soon as we had our only 22.7Kg baggage we quickly rushed to his Kelisa ST and moved towards Sandakan. Destination Taman Mawar and there we met his big family. Had a short talked and jama’ prayers before moving to SDK tour. First to the cobbler at Pasar Taman Mawar as my faithful shoe need stitches gone RM5. The second largest town in Sabah. A quiet and peaceful town, with our rounds we ended in Pasar Sim Sim for dinner (famous for ‘ikan bakar, sotong bakar, katam bakar’). With 2 big fish and 2 squids (plus 2 big fish for tapau) we headed home to Taman Mawar. Mind you at 6.30 pm SDK is total darkness.

Gerai Ikan Bakar Sederhana, PAsar Sim-Sim, Sandakan

Reasonable price for ikan bakar balo and sotong bakar 
And suddenly my ‘geraham tooth’ (right molar tooth) started tickling and there I go, had to swallow 2 panadol and antibiotic to ease the pain. My eyes started looking, nothing much I can do, plus the broadband like #$%#^&*&^% ,I had to sleep early. Told Fred G that we need to changed plan i.e to hospital first. Bye for now.

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