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AK6069 Tumuhud Nunuk Ragang Dogo 2

 Dec 29, 2010. Woke up 630am, after Subuh prayers, still feeling the pain, dozed again as I cannot do anything; finally 9.30am I called on Fred and we quickly dressed up to the Sandakan Hospital first. Sandakan Hospital looks like Sungai Buloh Hospital; quickly I rushed to register at the Unit Pergigian and was given the number 7056. Had 3 more patients to go, but minutes later I was called straight to room 10 (maybe because I think that I am now considered the ‘golden age’ group.

Registration at Unit Pergigian, Hospital Sandakan

The doctor looks young, she told me to lie down and started asking me what to do, I told ‘cabut geraham belakang’, OK she said , jangan panic ya, relaks , kalau kebas cakap ya. Still saya tidak rasa kebas after the injections, the doctor came and said “never mind, let’s see, she took out a spatula and started to grind my ‘molar tooth’. “Rasa kebas atau rasa tekanan?”.I told her no ’kebas’ only ‘tekanan’. The she said OK let’s try, she took out the plier and started to pull out the tooth, alamak sudah tercabut .. but she asked me to hold on because there’s still one root left; aiyyyo mesti kena korek dan grind ni, of course she used 3 kinds of tool including the ‘side spatula’ and finally alhamdulillah everything is done. I rose and thank her very much and asked for a ‘medical leave’, she said yes of course.

The medical chit no 004692 from Unit Pergigian, Hospital Sandakan that saved my day

Thanking her again, I went to pay the RM2 bill as I didn’t bring the guarantee letter, but what is RM2 as long as everything is fine OK, so the medical chit number is 004692 dated 29/12/10 signed by Dr Suriyajihan Ahmad DOS (UKM) Pegawai Pergigian U41 No MBDS 4537, Hospital Sandakan. Paid RM 2 and quickly to a stall nearby for brunch. Took Fred and my family for again nasi kuning, bihun sup, pisang goreng, Nescafe, tea and etc.

Alamak , monster in Sandakan ... 'croco' lah 

Fred and my kids at Sepilok Kogiuw Center

Alamak just 1030am, still early moo, Fred said let’s go see urang kogiuw at Sepilok. After settling the bills here we come,and by the time we reached Sepilok Kogiuw Center we were told to come at 2.00pm as they changed the schedule. We moved to another place called RDC (almost similar to Kogiuw Center) and tickets price the same RM5 adult RM2 for children below 18.

At Rainforest Discovery Center

On top of Bristlehead Tower 17m above ground

Strolled the canopy walk, hanging bridge and the birds tower 50 feet above ground. Chatted with Fred along the ways remembering the old days. Rained at the tower, paused and walked again until the end of 1.8km walk.

Back to Kogiuw Center 

By then it’s 1.30pm,moved back to Kogiuw Center and reached there by 200pm,again it rained. Waited until 230pm and paid the tickets to see kogiuw. For camera you are asked to pay extra RM10, about 50-60 people joined us and only 2 kogiuw came out while 4 more seen from far. Don’t know whether it’s worth it, but one visitor talked to us, he came 150Km just to see kogiuw but only 2 came out. To me '000s Km away good enough to see live; by 400pm we went off,  visited the information center too.


Went to Batu Lapan for food and drinks,had nasi mamak, roti telur, roti canai, Nescafe-O-Kaw, tea ais,100 plus (la apa lagi), before heading home and calling of the day. Performed prayers and again Maxis stinks .. so continue with writing journal and had to wait to be back in KL. In the mean time let’s watch Indonesia versus Malaysia match.

More pics
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