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AK6069 to AK 5123 .. the end

Dec 30, 2010, a journey had to come to an end. Starting 330am, Dec 26 it's now time for us to be back home. My wife packed all the things needed and Fred called us for last breakfast in Sandakan. Of course, nasi kuning (of Sandakan) and hot drinks. During breakfast, I told Fred what he had to do to keep in touch, he agreed and will try to do so. 

Mrs. Annie (Fred's wife) was seen busy dressing-up, as she wanted to sent us to airport too. We of course agreed as I can see the blooming 'friendship' tie with my wife as we had been here for two days. Right after, we took our bags and some token of Sandakan. Now for a short quiz.

Name this .......................................................................................
A. Budweiser B. Tiger Beer C. Zappel Juice D. Sampel Ammonia Chloride E. Tepus Kesing
F. Jeruk Cili Halia Bawang Putih G. Tuhau H. etlingera coccine  .. the answers are from A to H,
meaning the question is quite ........................
Given by Puan Annie Timbun a delcacy of Kadazan Dusun ... see

Now what is this ...................................................................

Hanya orang Sabah saja tahu .. cuba teka .. A. Pangi B. Keluak C. Kepayan D. Pangium edule

Hint: For Bosou dish of KadazanDusun. See

Before we leave Taman Mawar, Sandakan eith Fred family

Wishing Fred's kid, we cramped ourself into the Kelisa and moved out from Taman Mawar at about 11.35am. Fred's a careful driver and discipline too. Safe journey to the airport, alhamdulillah. We had a short refreshment at the airport cafe as we waited for the boarding call. 

Seen from left to right : Sariah Ahmad, Mrs Annie T. and Fred Gangkai

Dark cloud before leaving Sandakan Airport

The flight was schedule at 225pm and again delayed for 300pm, as it's drizzling we just stayed inside the boarding room. The announcement was made that we had to wait for the flight from Polopin, well that's the Air Asia schedule, finally we took off and reached Kota Kinabalu airport by 400pm.

Another blunder at KK airport, the monitor at one end showed nothing but the other end showed the schedule; I went to asked and was told to enter the boarding room and again Maxis 'berok-beng' stinks. We performed jama' prayers at 615pm as the flight to KL was re-scheduled to 700pm. Good thing that it was rescheduled, and by 930am we reached LCCT and again took the Skybus.

Got this from our travel-agent before I forget. Again it drizzled throughtout the journey back to KL and my elders came to picked us at KL Central and reached home safely (alhamdulillah) at about 11.30pm. 

Things for sure comes with:

i) met Tuan Sadi and Tuan Fred after MIA for 27 years;
ii) had the chance to bring my wife and two kids to all states of Malaysia (though 2 hours in Sarawak);
iii) able to re-foster and strengthened relationships with friends;
iv) a valuable experience through travelling and journey  .. and etc.;

v) had to call for a re-union meet sometime between 2011-2013;
vi) hope that WT 79-83 friends will respond and agree to the re-union;
vii) hope and pray that will have the chance again to be with friends and family;
viii) missed friends and family events plus occasions and etc ..
ix) to be ready for 2011 and future years... kerja balik mooo .. caghi duit dan rezeki dan berdoa agar diberi rezeki lagi ..

And nunuk ragang dogo ... may we meet again ... wasalam

End of the journey for Nunuk Ragang Dogo ..

More pics
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