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Five Tips For Better.....

 Five Tips for Better Car Sex

Car sex isn’t as easy as it sounds – especially if you’re on the go. Having car sex is great fun and super titillating (and an awesome way to spice up your sex life) but getting comfortable – and getting off – can take some creativity. Here are 5 excellent suggestions for having better car sex, so you and your partner can get it on behind the wheel.

Road Head

If you’ve never had car sex before, you’ve probably at least given road head. Giving a blowjob while your partner is behind the wheel is daring and sexy – and it’s the perfect way to turn a boring road trip into something more fun and exciting! Safety is key here, because the giving partner usually can’t keep their seatbelt on during the blowjob. Try doing this on a back road, or a deserted highway with no curves, stop lights or stop signs. When you’re about to have an orgasm, pull over or stop the car in some way, especially if you feel like you’re losing control. You also want to make sure the road you’re driving on is smooth, without dips, bumps or potholes!

The Hood of the Car

When the weather is mild, the hood of your car will serve as a great platform for car sex. Of course, you’ll want to be in a deserted area or private garage if you’re not looking to get caught by anyone. Perform oral sex on your partner by having them sit on the hood while you crouch, or have her sit on the hood and stand during intercourse. The hood of the car is also a great place to get in the doggy style position, with her leaning over the hood of the car and the man standing up behind her. The trunk sometimes also works for this, but the hood is probably your best bet for simplicity and comfort.

The Backseat

The backseat of the car is, of course, the most popular place to have car sex. If it’s too cold to do it outside on the hood (or too hot), the backseat of the car provides a comfortable place to get busy without being exposed to the outdoors. It’s also a great place for car sex if you’re looking for a little privacy. You can get into lots of different sex positions in the backseat of the car, including doggy style, missionary, woman on top or even reverse cowgirl. Oral sex can be performed in the backseat, but usually only in the sixty nine positions where both partners are giving and receiving oral sex.

The Front Seat

While the front driver’s seat won’t work at all (except for road head) for car sex, the front passenger’s seat can allow you to get into some interesting – and fun – sex positions! If you want to do oral sex in the front seat, lean the seat back as far as it will go and have your partner straddle your face. You can also do girl on top in the front seat, and the angle is perfect for mind blowing g-spot orgasms in this position.

Making Car Sex Comfortable

If you haven’t cleaned your car out in awhile, now is the time to take it for a full wash and vacuum. Crumbs and old food wrappers are not sexy – nor are they comfortable if you’re laying on them naked! Make sure to have condoms with you, but never store them in your car if it’s too hot or cold outside (this could break down the latex and make the condom ineffective). You’ll also want to have some paper towels, tissue or wet wipes available so you and your partner can clean up easily after you have sex. Planning ahead and having a few things available to you before you have car sex will keep you from regretting it later.

Car Sex Safety

Safety is, of course, the most important factor when it comes to car sex. If you’re parked and in a secluded area, it’s pretty safe as far as not incurring bodily harm goes. You may or may not get caught – which may or may not be part of the sexual thrill! If you’re trying to have sex while you’re in a moving car (namely if someone else is driving), you stand a chance of getting hurt if the car wrecks. In the latter situation, you also have other people to worry about too – whoever is driving on the road with you could be involved in an accident with you. Just remember that when you’re having fun, it’s important to be safe too!

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