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Your Attitude For A Friend (resend to some)


(Please answer first and don't scroll down to see the answer )



1) Where would you place an egg?
    A) On top of a tree
    B) At the roadside
    C) At the riverside
    D) In the cupboard


2) You seen a house, would you
    A) Knock on the door
    B) Rush inside
    C) Go around it


3) In the house, you see 20 candles, How many would you light up?


4) You saw a beer jug, how much water would you pour inside?


5) You come to a lake, how many swans do you wish to see?


6) At the lake, there is a boat. Would you...
    A) Use the boat
    B) swim across
    C) Cut a tree and make a boat



 1) The egg represents relationships
    Tree - you expect a lot from your other partner
    Roadside - You don't treasure relationship
    Riverside - You always rely on fate
    Cupboard - You treasure your relationship a lot


2) The House = Opportunity
    Knock - Careful to find out what opportunity yet never let go of any
    Rush - You never let go but too rush might lend you in trouble
    Round the house - You always let go opportunity or you can't sense when opportunity arrives.

 3) The candle represents your generosity, the more you light the more generous you are.

 4) The Jug represents how much you would pour in a relationship

 5) The No. of swans represents how many best friend you have

 6) Crossing the river is how you face problem
    A) Use boat: you are straight forward and "Jiao Ta Shi It" or very down to earth person 
   B) Swim: You like to take the most difficult path to face a problem 
   C) Cut out a boat: You like to be a one man show but may result in you doing something not worthwhile.

 Extra :

 You ask your friends to join you in social networking like Friendster, Facebook, Tubely, Daily Flogs, Flixster, Hi5 and etc

 A) And yet you don't even put your photo there to show who you are

B) And yet you don't even furnish your profile

C) And yet you don't even share info and feedbacks

D) And yet you still add more invitations and still doing the same thing

E) And yet you call to ask for friends contact infos

F) And yet you never note and thank you for the assistance

G) And yet you never greet friends on their celebrations or griefs

H) And that's your Your Attitude For A Friend (resend to some)


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