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Need for teachers’ code of conduct

 MY SON is in the afternoon school at Saint Xavier Cawangan (Branch) in Penang and I am puzzled at the way the teachers handle the students.

It has been two months since my son started school and it is traumatic for him every time he goes to school.

Students are required to wait at the school canteen to be taken by their teachers to their respective classes.

The person who normally supervises the whole process would be the senior assistant (SA).

The disturbing part is the manner the SA handles the children.

The SA without fail would scream and yell hysterically and wave a “rotan” at the children to get in line and be quiet.

If that is not enough, the SA would blow the whistle so loud, that for me as an adult, can be painful to the ears and very annoying.

At times, without hesitation the SA would use harsh words such as “you shut up”, “ I’ll give you a tight slap”, “babi”, “lembu”, “donkey” etc.

However, there are teachers that get my upmost admiration for knowing the right way and being tactful when dealing with the children, and the children listen and respect them.

Parents have spent a lot to send their children to pre-school/kindergarten to prepare them for formal education and I believe most of the children know what to expect.

But for my son and I this was not what we expected at Saint Xavier Cawangan in Penang.

I admit it is very difficult to handle children and that not all the children are well behaved. But for the SA to use a blanket method or way to handle the children was very disturbing.

I believe the Education Department should not only emphasise on the teachers academic teaching ability but also on their ability and skill to handle children in a civilised ways.

Teachers want to be respected by the children but children too need to be exposed to the proper and right environment by the teachers to earn their respect and not respect out of fear.

I, as parent and other parents too, have spent a lot of effort and time to educate our children since small to be courteous and respectful because we believe that social education is as important as an academic one.

Unfortunately, those efforts went down the drain, the minute my son stepped into school.

Most parents are against this but unfortunately no parent dares speak out for fear of their children’s safety and the repercussions of their action.

It would be appreciated if the Education Department can clarify as to the code of conduct of teachers when dealing with children and steps taken to monitor the teachers’ conduct at schools from time to time.



Source: The STAR News Home > News > Opinion Monday February 28, 2011
Tags: perguruan, teachers

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