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Teachers should show more concern

KUDOS to the parent who wrote “Code of conduct for teachers” (The Star, Feb 28).

She had the guts to highlight this issue when most parents are afraid to speak up for fear that their children would be marked by teachers and picked on for every small mistake.

The secondary school in Shah Alam where my children are is no different.

The depression of being transferred to a new environment and the apprehension were made worse by the teachers in this particular school.

They were shouted at in the first week of school for not knowing what to do while waiting for assembly to start and many other things. All I can remember was that every time they came home, they were sad and crying.

New environment, no friends and tactless teachers.

It is no wonder that the number of depression cases among school children is on the rise.

A recent incident occured when one of the students, facing a family crisis who was being reprimanded for something small, burst out crying (due to tension and also the goings on at home).

The teacher just snapped at her for crying. When she explained that she had family problems all the teacher said was “All of us have family problems, you have to leave your problems at home when you come to school.”

Most of these teachers are inhumane and lack tact.

So why do we have school counsellors?

Counsellors in school are doing nothing and getting a free-pay for nothing. What a waste of the tax-payers money, they have nothing to contribute but they will apply to be the 'instructors/trainers' at PLKN camps and will act good. They can't even write a simple report by pupils or students and can't even have the guts to solve problems faced by their client and yet were given status of  Unit Head. 

My request is for the Education Ministry to have a code of conduct for teachers. And please send them for psychology training on ‘How to handle children’.

I used to admire my teachers but I resent my children’s teachers.

Respect goes both ways.

One can go to Facebook and see what the kids say of their teachers and all the curses these teachers receive.

I sincerely urge the ministry to have a channel where parents can voice their frustrations with teachers and the school system.

Please train these teachers before our children face a mental breakdown in school.


Shah Alam.

Source: The STAR News Home > News > Opinion Tuesday March 1, 2011
Tags: perguruan, teachers

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