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Ray of hope

 I WRITE to express my support for the letter "Support and advise those who didn't do well" by Hayati Nordin (NST, March 25).

The letter asks all parents and family members to show understanding and sympathy to those candidates who didn't fare well in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. That call deserves our attention and support.

Education is the process of nurturing and realising the human potential -- intellectually, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

There is no doubt Malaysia has one of Asia's top education and schooling systems. However, the current system is too examination and result-oriented, with too much focus on academic achievements.

Many also lack life-coping abilities and often suffer in silence when faced with difficulties. At the end of the day, many are physically exhausted and mentally drained.

The materialistic nature and high expectations of society are making our young people desperate and finding it hard to cope, resulting in great mental stress.

As a result, some of them have turned to crime to get away from reality and, more tragically, some have even committed suicide.

It is time for the Education Ministry to incorporate a more open, humane and holistic approach into our education system.

Thomas Alva Edison, Helen Keller and Nelson Mandela are examples of great personalities who give the not-so-academically brilliant students a ray of hope and the motivation to shine.

These three great people shared the same qualities. They never gave up despite the obstacles, they kept fighting till the end and became the best they could be. That is the formula for their success.

2011/03/29 DAVID TIH, Malacca

Source: SPM: Ray of hope
Tags: pengajaran

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