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Teachers — government servants or slaves?

THE government should appreciate the role of teachers and realise that we do NOT work under the same conditions as other officers who are of the same salary grade.

We impart knowledge and guide our students under varied working conditions while civil servants of the same grade carry out their jobs in air-conditioned rooms.

Teachers conduct lessons in classes that have no fans, work under the scorching sun when there are extra-curricular activities and sports.

Many of us are in the profession because of the passion we have for our jobs, but the powers- that-be should see us as government servants not slaves.

Is it too much to ask that teachers be placed under a different scale? The government should take into account the unfavourable working conditions and the long hours we put in, as well as the additional responsibilities we take.

Take my case as an example. I am a teacher in the DG 48 scale and reached the maximum of my salary scale in 2007 when I was 47 years old. This means I have and will continue to draw the same salary until I retire in 2015.

Many of the junior teachers will catch up with me and will soon be placed in the same salary bracket. This is very unfair.

Is it not against the labour laws for one to continuously work without any annual salary increment? It is very demoralising for me and fellow teachers who are in a similar situation.

It is only because of our love for the job, the satisfaction of seeing our students scoring high marks in their exams, and their words of appreciation, that keeps us going.

We want to be rewarded monetarily for our hard work. The NUTP should also do its part by seeking better remuneration for us, apart from ironing out issues concerning our working conditions.

GKW Penang

Source: Home > Education Sunday April 3, 2011
Tags: pendidikan, perguruan, teachers

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