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Ensure quality of PhD holders, not quantity

 I READ in newspapers that the Higher Education Ministry is targeting a certain number of PhD holders by 2020 in Malaysia as well as requiring local universities to recruit lecturers with PhD qualifications only.

I commend the ministry for setting such noble targets.

However, numbers and titles mean nothing. The ministry should be more specific in saying what sort of PhDs the country or universities need to really benefit the country.

Firstly, not all PhDs from universities have quality. Everyone knows that certain unknown and small private universities offer PhD degrees for a fee or a low quality thesis.

We should always aim to send our candidates to the top universities such as Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton or Oxford.

If we cannot, we should at least aim at the world’s top 100.

The Government must also set a target for more of our local universities to be within the top 100.

Certainly a PhD requirement for a teaching post in local universities is a wise move.

At the moment, many professors in local universities do not even have a PhD, what more lecturers.

Secondly, we urgently need PhD holders who major in the sciences, medical sub specialities, engineering, biotechnology, business/finance, mathematics and IT.

Only with these qualities in our workforce can Malaysia hope to achieve a high income developed nation status within the foreseeable future.

We do not want just any PhD holder but the right type for the betterment of Malaysia.


Kuala Lumpur.

Source: The Star Home News Opinion Sunday May 1, 2011
Tags: pendidikan, phd

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