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Why Women Shouldn't Become School Principals or Heads of Departments?

 Even before I started to write this article I knew that I would be bashed by many especially women. But here I am, always telling the truth without fear or favour and I will always stand for the truth. Why do I say that women shouldn't become headmistresses or school principals? Before I proceed, let us look at the teaching profession in Malaysia. It's monopolized by women and that's why there are so many problems in our schools today. Hatred, jealousy and vengeance are but some of them as women are full of these traits. Needless to say, our schools have also become places of gossip because of women. When they are together there are lots of gossips. I used to stay with my kids in the canteen when they were young. My, you should see how the teachers gossip there talking bad things about others and boasting about their children and husbands' achievements - boasting about their clothes and jewelleries. Since when did our schools turn into gossip streets? Since the profession was taken over by women of course.

When it comes to choosing the school principals, there are always very few men to choose from and therefore even if there isn't any suitable candidates, the women are chosen because there are women everywhere. The schools are full of them. But what were these school heads doing before they became school heads? Don't bash me yet. Let me tell you what I observed myself - there was this teacher who was screaming and crying in the staffroom after quarreling with her colleagues. But years later she became the headmistress of a primary school in Kuala Lumpur. My, look at her - so proud of herself! So full of airs and graces! And she started torturing other teachers ... Well, can't blame her - women are like that.

But who are the ones who are really doing things for the schools? Let's talk about discipline. If the schools have too many women as discipline teachers the discipline is likely to be bad. Why is it so? Because the students are not afraid of them. Because they are afraid of the students. Let me tell you what I observed in a secondary school in KL. I saw a student bargaining with the women discipline teacher asking her not to hit him so hard and so she hit him gently while smiling sweetly. My son told me if ustaz were there that naughty student would be begging for his life. So how can our women control the students. Whenever it comes to any serious discipline problems, our women principals can't do anything but have to refer the case to the men. Once my son was being bullied in school. When I went to see this woman principal, she didn't know how to handle the case. Maybe she was scared that the bullies would scratch her car. From the way she talked I could sense that she wanted me to drop the case. But I kept pestering her for a solution to the problem and so she referred me to the PK HEM. The PK HEM is a gentleman I should say. I really narvelled at the way he settled the case. I dare say that only the men can become good discipline teachers. Discipline is very important and without good discipline the lessons cannot be carried out. Why not let the men become school principals then? Discipline would certainly be much better.

Please don't argue with me yet. Let us ask the teachers themselves whether they prefer women or men to become their principals. I have interviewed many of them and they told me that life is much more pleasant if their principals were men. I hope the teachers who read this article would come forth with their opinions and comments. Yes, Datuk Wee Ka Siong is right. The teaching profession shouldn't be monopolized by women anymore. And one more thing - women shouldn't be school principals if we want the schools to have a more pleasant environment! Men are more open-minded. They do not harbour any hatred or ill-will. Let the men rule and the women follow!

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