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Teachers: They are gifts from god


Tough conditions

THIS year's theme for Teachers Day will spur greater effort from teachers to improve the quality of education.

Teaching is a noble vocation as teachers play a significant role in the lives of children.

Teachers are the strongest influence on quality learning. Good infrastructure, equipment and facilities complement good teaching.

However, teaching is becoming more complex and working conditions frustrate teachers and reduce their competency.

Teachers have too many students to teach and too much paperwork to do, but have too little time to teach.

Teachers are accountable for the academic performance of their students.

The core business of teachers is teaching but many teachers spend a lot more time doing things other than teaching.

The information and communication technology era was supposed to have reduced paperwork, but teachers still spend a lot of time going over paperwork.

Then, there are teachers who are disappointed and broken in spirit when they are not promoted. The yearly assessment brings them only heartache.

It is not uncommon to find teachers not talking to each other after assessments.

The education service has lost its lustre. How many people apply to become teachers out of a real desire to teach?

And how many people who become teachers get turned off by the very environment that is supposed to develop them professionally?

The lack of protection from threats and assaults from parents and students form another ground of dissatisfaction.

It is vital that the authorities address the welfare of teachers to improve the quality of education and to achieve the theme of this year's Teachers Day.

SAMUEL YESUIAH, Seremban, Negri Sembilan

Source: The NST Letters To Editor Article 2011/05/16 Teachers: They are gifts from god
Tags: pendidikan, perguruan, teachers

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