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Students today: Buried in homework every day

The writer of this letter says school life is not joyous as students are spending
most of their time finishing the homework given in school.

HOMEWORK, homework, homework. Students have to do homework every day. School life is not joyous.

On Monday, I have six subjects and two tuition classes; on Tuesday, 10 subjects and two tuition classes; on Wednesday, eight subjects and co-curricular activities; on Thursday, nine subjects and two tuition classes, and on Friday, six subjects.

This is my routine every week.

Sometimes, I have to eat in the car while travelling to tuition classes. My parents shuttle me from one tuition class to the other. Pity them and me!

I am in Form 4. Some will say it is biasalah (normal). Some ask what's the point of going for tuition and argue that it's a waste of money. I would agree with them if only the teachers at school were hardworking.

All they do is give homework. What type of homework do they give? Copying notes that are already in the textbooks and revision books. We waste two to three books just copying notes.

Is that what the education system is all about?

The deputy prime minister is ambitious about the outdoor learning concept in producing creative and innovative students. I am with him. But he did not ask the students for their feedback.

The education system, which is based solely on homework and examinations.

Imagine having to finish homework for 10 subjects in a day, after attending tuition for four hours.

By the way, we leave school at 2.30pm every day, except on Fridays.

This is the routine in my school. And, what about the high-performing schools?

All I want to say is that homework is necessary, but not too much, please.

We teenagers are spending most of our time finishing the homework given in school.

When are we going to enjoy ourselves? Will there be any sweet memories of teenage life left for us?

We teenagers are going to miss our teen years just like that.

I may regret it when I grow old or when I tell this to my grandchildren one day. So, please stop giving us too much homework.

I hope we can have a 1Malaysia, 1Decision, No Homework.

I want to write more but I can't because I have seven workbooks to complete.

The NST Letters to the Editor : Article 2011/06/22 S.P., Teluk Intan, Perak

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