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Education: A torture for teachers to work on Saturdays

 IT is sad to see teachers and students being used and manipulated for non-educational purposes.

Schools in Negri Sembilan are being forced to conduct a programme called "Majlis Pelancaran Bulan Kecergasan KPM 2011 JPNS" this Saturday from 7.30am to 12.30pm.

If this is an important programme, why was it made known to schools only on Tuesday?

Last Saturday, schools nationwide participated in the 1M1SM run, which entered the Malaysia Book of Records.

Now, another Saturday is being used for another non-education purpose. And it is not a replacement for any holiday. Why does the Education Department want to work teachers to the bone?

When can students have their rest and relaxation with their families?

No wonder we are experiencing an increasing number of suicide cases among students.

I am sure the Education Department is aware that Saturdays are public holidays. As a family man, I appeal to the education minister to spare the teachers and students of Negri Sembilan the torture of going to work this weekend.

Let them have their rest and family time so that they are more productive in the week ahead.

Source: The NST Education: A torture for teachers to work on Saturdays 2011/07/07 J.J., Seremban, Negri Sembilan
Tags: education, pendidikan, perguruan, teachers

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