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Use of information technology

 INFORMATION and technology are life-changing

I would like to thank The Star and its talented, creative and insightful columnists for highlighting, enlightening and showcasing very intriguing, touching and relevant articles of happenings in society.

I remember reading about technology and the 555 small notebook some time ago. It was written in an easy, simple and very understandable manner.Papyrus 3000 BC  Stones were heavy, so the Egyptians invented papyrus, a pre-paper.

Information and technology are great, powerful and life-changing only if you know how to utilise it wisely.

Look around you. Some are so hooked up with their gadgets and updating themselves with the latest information.

The information may be necessary, it may be good. But too much of something is not good.

One may end up suffering from Information Overload Syndrome. It’s a form of craving. We get bogged down by a kind of bumper-to-bumper crawl to our senses.

Information and technology are supposed to simplify our lives. What if simplicity becomes simplexity ? It’s simpleness becoming complex.Papyrus 3000 BC  Stones were heavy, so the Egyptians invented papyrus, a pre-paper.

We can get confused with too much information particularly those that are not relevant. Let’s look from context of a simple decision making. Too much information may not lead to better decision making. It only reinforces our judgment.

We only need to ‘thin-slice’ of information for simple decision making.

Information addiction affects us physically and also mentally.

Choose only beneficial, empowering and the be-inspired information. One may consider applying 80/20 Pareto information management principle. Schedule our priorities, not prioritise our schedule. Apply flexibility. Don’t get carried away.

Learn to manage information efficiently and effectively. If not, it can affect us in many ways.

Let me cite an example here. What if you receive fiery, rude and disparaging information in the form of destructive criticism ? Pause. Take a few deep breaths. Think zen-ly, ‘Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form’.

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