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Too many non-academic activities

Imagine your child coming home from school and asking you why the school has so many activities which are not relevant to their studies.

With important examinations coming their way, students should be able to concentrate on their studies during the second semester. However, there are some schools which insist on carrying out time-consuming activities in the second half of the year.

At one particular school, there is a camping activity every week. Even the Form Five students are involved — surely their time is better spent preparing for their SPM examination? In the month of August alone, the school will organise a canteen day, a cycling expedition and a sports day. This is the month of the PMR trial examinations as well as fasting month for Muslims.

The only explanation from the District Education Department was that these activities were compulsory. We believe the timing of them could be better planned. With such a hectic semester, when are the students supposed to concentrate on their studies?

As parents, we want the best for our children in this competitive era.

There are some teachers in charge of co-curricular activities who have taken students’ academic schedules into consideration and have conducted most of the activities in the first semester.

We would like to appeal to the Education Ministry to have a clear set of guidelines for when activities should be conducted throughout the year for all schools.

Disappointed Parents Via e-mail 

Source: The STAR
Home Education Sunday July 10, 2011

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