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Unfair deduction of marks

 Many parents of the students of a government school in Kuala Lumpur are unhappy with the principal’s decision to deduct the marks scored by some students during the recent mid-year examination.

The school had two Saturday classes prior to the mid-year examination and there were students who did not attend these classes.

The principal ordered that examination marks scored by these students be deducted — 2.5% for missing one class and 5% for those who missed two classes.

No one was exempted — not even those who genuinely could not attend due to illness.

This is unreasonable. Can a principal change students’ marks at will?

I am sure there are other ways to punish these students. Moreover, the mid-year examination results could be important to students who are applying for courses after Form Five.

What is the Education Ministry’s stand on a school principal’s authority to alter a student’s examination marks?

Source: Angry Parents Via e-mail The STAR Education July 17, 2011
Tags: assessment, education, exam, pendidikan, perguruan, teachers

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