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Education: Learn to ask critical questions

 I REFER to C.Y.L's letter "A humbling experience abroad" (NST, July 5) and can't agree more with his arguments that our education system needs an overhaul to produce capable graduates who can think outside the box.

Life and studies are not all black and white, but they are about the grey areas, too. There is no such thing as right or wrong answers.

When I was in primary school in the 1960s, teachers and other pupils laughed at me when I drew a woman holding an umbrella when the weather was hot.

The thinking then was that people use their umbrellas only when it rains and not to shield themselves from the sun. I suspect the same thinking is still prevalent.

Tolerance begins in the classroom -- when we are allowed to read any text from any source. It is born when there are as many opinions as there are students.

The power of reason is what separates a good grade from a bad one.

In our schools, we will get an A if we can memorise someone else's teachings but an F, if we dare to analyse.

Is it any wonder why our graduates cannot think for themselves and have to be spoon-fed in order to pass their examinations?

The power of memory is often rewarded while the power of reason is reprimanded.

There should be a paradigm shift in schools as well as universities. Students should be made to read more books besides textbooks to widen their knowledge.

Students should not accept whatever is taught in class as the gospel truth, but should learn to ask critical questions about what is being taught by their teachers and lecturers.

We need to move on with our education system to be on par with other nations where people don't judge your intelligence on the number of As you score during public examinations.

Source: NST Education: Learn to ask critical questions 2011/07/19 HAMDAN IBRAHIM, Kuala Lumpur
Tags: education, pendidikan

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