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Education: Facebook a great learning tool

 EDUCATIONAL technologies facilitate teaching and learning in the classroom.
They may be used to improve students' understanding of a concept or by teachers to attract students to learn about a topic.

However, educational technologies, especially information technology, is often seen as a burden, despite its effectiveness in some areas.

As an academician, I think the usage of educational technologies must become a culture in schools.

When it becomes a culture, then it will become the norm. Teachers, for instance, can use Facebook for their lessons.

Teachers can submit a topic to be discussed among students.

Teachers can also submit questions, and I am sure that students will answer questions put by teachers.

Universities have been using the online forum approach for many years. In fact, students' involvement in the forum counts towards their overall score.

There is nothing wrong in practising this method in schools. Also, students who have Facebook accounts have computer skills.

From there, teachers can encourage students to use teaching aids, including learning software provided by the Education Ministry, to study independently.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said during the Young Teachers' Convention recently that students should be discouraged from rote learning.

He said teachers should have a high ability in terms of adaptation and must make improvements so that their students do not become bored.

One of the adaptations that can be done is to use information technology.

Younger teachers, who are proficient in computers and technology, should take up this challenge.

ABDUL HALIM ABDULLAH, Bangi, Selangor 2011/08/02

Source: Education: Facebook a great learning tool
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