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Teachers being made to do data entry for free

I REFER to “Slow data input system” (The Star, Sept 19). The system referred to is Nilam online, where every form teacher keys in the books read by students in the class. While online recording saves teachers from keeping track of reading records of their students, it takes too much of their time and it ends up with teachers doing it at home. Some get their spouse or children to help out.

There are several other online school applications introduced by the School Division of the Education Ministry with the objective of collecting information for their analysis. These were implemented without any consideration for teachers’ workload, forcing them most of the time to rely on home resources.

Under tremendous pressure from the school authorities, these teachers often enlist the help of their spouse and children. It has now been taken for granted that teachers continue such school work at home at their own expense.

Teachers don’t have time to do all these chores in school as they have to teach, mark books, carry out co-curriculum activities and attend meetings. I am surprised that the teachers’ union is not doing anything about it.

I heard from friends who have contact with ministry staff that more online applications will be introduced in the near future. The ministry is turning teachers into data entry clerks.

Would all these data entry chores improve the standard of teaching in schools? Many educationists are saying the standard of teaching in national schools is suffering with teachers spending more time in clerical work than teaching.

KOH TG, Subang Jaya.

The STAR Home News Opinion Tuesday September 20, 2011

Tags: education

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