kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

PTA: Is PIBGN legal?

IN the report "End PPSMI debate" (NST, Oct 31), there was mention of the National Parent-Teacher Association Collaborative Council and its president.

 As an elected member of a parent-teacher association (PIBG) executive committee for the past two years, I am not aware of a national council that represents PIBG,  nor was there any election to elect its executive committee, including the president.

 I understand that the  national council is also known as Majlis Permuafakatan Persatuan IbuBapa dan Guru Nasional and by its accronym, PIBGN.

 I don't know if it is a legal body, but it is wrong for PIBGN to give the impression that it represents all PIBGs nationwide, especially on  education issues.

Source: Letters to the Editor - New Straits Times 7 November 2011
Tags: education, pta

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