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PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATIONS: More information needed

I refer to the reply by National Parent-Teacher Association Collaborative Council (PIBGN) president Datuk Mohd Ali Hasan on the legality of his organisation.

 An organisation cannot be deemed legal just because it has organised several education seminars with the Education Department and was endorsed by the then education minister.

 We need to know if it is registered as an organisation. If it is, then the PIBGN should show its registration to parent-teacher associations (PTAs).  It is said that this organisation was formed in 1996, but was there any election held after that year? Ali also mentioned that he had held meetings in several states with PTAs.

Parents and PTAs would like to know which PTAs he had meetings with. We would also like to know where it gets its funding, if not from parents and the PTAs.

 There are more questions than answers. As parents, it is our right to know if we have the right representation for our children.

Source: Letters to the Editor - New Straits Times 23 November 2011
Tags: education, pta

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