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PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATIONS: Please clarify council's 'nationwide' status

I refer to the the report "We represent all PTAs in nation" (NST, Nov 13). The president of the National Parent-Teacher Association Collaborative Council (PIBGN) had refuted claims that the council did not represent all parent-teacher associations (PTAs) in the country and that it was wrong for anyone to question its legality as it was registered with the Education Ministry.

 In my letter  "Is PIGBN legal?"  (NST, Nov 7), I had questioned the legality of PIBGN because, as an elected member of a PTA for the past two years, none of us in the executive committee have ever heard of a council that represents all PTAs nationwide. Other PTA presidents are equally unaware of the existence of PIBGN or  any of its annual general meetings to elect its executive committee members, including the president.

 Since the PIBGN insists that it represents all PTAs nationwide and that it is registered with the ministry, implying that it legally represents PTAs in the country, I urge the ministry to clarify the status of PIBGN.

 Otherwise, many of the PTAs will continue to doubt the legality of PIBGN's existence and its position to represent all PTAs.

Source:  Letters to the Editor - New Straits Times 23 November 2011
Tags: education, pta

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