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Taxi driver rapist

Not spam. Something to be shared. Girls, please be extremely careful. Guys, please alert your girlfriend/wife/anyone you know. 

Taxi driver rapist wanted by cops 

By TEOH EL SEN     February 05, 2009      Categories: News

Police are hunting for a suspect believed to have raped several women while masquerading as a taxi driver in the Klang Valley .

The suspect, believed to be in his 30s, was last known to be driving a red and white taxi (reported stolen in Kuang last September) with the registration plate HWB 5868 and is said to have worn a standard taxi driver's uniform, that being a white shirt and black pants.

He is also known to have possessed an army knife and handcuffs which were used on his victims.

The vehicle was also modified in such a way that only the driver could control the locks on the doors.

"We advise the public to be careful when riding in taxis. We also urge those who may have come in contact with the person with the said description to contact us," said Kuala Lumpur CID chief SAC II Ku Chin Wah.

He added that the back windscreen of the taxi was damaged in the last known rape case and advised workshops to be on the look-out as well.

In the last reported case, the suspect was believed to have robbed and raped a 28-yearold passenger in the Kepong area, took her back to her Section 17, Petaling Jaya home and had waited for the cab fare, but fled when her uncle came out to confront him. The victim was a sales promoter at a shopping centre in Bandar Utama.

On Jan 15, the same suspect was believed to have raped a woman in the Ampang area. Police believe the man may have committed other rapes in the Klang Valley , which have gone unreported.

Those with information are advised to call Kuala Lumpur head of Sexual Investigation Department DSP Choo Lily at               012-2059668        or IPK D11 at 03-2146086/03-2146089.


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