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Teacher, what you do might get posted online

TeachersA teacher from a girls' school, caught sitting in a less-than-ladylike way on a bus, had her picture taken by a student and posted on a blog.

Another teacher from a school in the east, who drew squares to represent various countries when he could not get their outlines right during a history lesson, found himself caught on a video that was posted on Facebook by his students.

Teachers are finding themselves easy targets of their students who are savvy with information technology and who will not think twice about whipping out their mobile phones to take photos and videos to upload on the Internet.

Ms K. Lee, 28, who teaches at a girls' school, said: 'Whether it is seeing you out in town with someone of the opposite sex or speculating about your relationship with other colleagues, students like to catch their teachers, and they share the information very readily.'

Illustration by ST Source: The Straits Times/ANN Published Dec 6 2011

Source: The Daily Chilli Tuesday 06, December 2011

Tags: education, teachers

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