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Civil Service: Policy will clean up civil service

THE statement by the director-general of the Public Service Department Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah that the work performance of civil servants will be reviewed by a panel in the department, commencing on Jan 1, is not only commendable, but also in the right direction.

This matter has been long overdue. However, it is better late than never.

With the setting up of the panel, civil servants who fail to buck up or  improve their work performance will be asked to ship out as part of the government's efforts to streamline the civil service.

 It is an acknowledged fact that the civil service has grown  too large over the past decade.

Our population to civil servants ratio is one of the highest in the region.

The Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans and Thais have a better ratio than ours.

We spend billions on the salaries and remunerations of civil servants.

There is a sizable number of civil servants who are either not performing or under-performing, and who have become a liability to the government and country.

Some  have become clock watchers while some tend to moonlight during working hours to earn extra money.

The new exit policy will not only make the civil service leaner, but also more effective, efficient and productive.

Civil servants who have not performed will be compelled to buck up and this will give a good image to the civil service.

 I am certain that it will also get rid  of corrupt officials who have tarnished the good name of the civil service and the nation.
The only concern is that the new policy may lead to abuse of power and discrimination, but this can  easily be  contained by setting up a task force or committee to monitor the implementation of the new exit policy.

By S.T. Raj, Klang, Selangor

Source: New Straits Times  Letters to the Editor 15 Dec 2011 
Tags: education, services

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