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Internet: Be more responsible and respect privacy -

IN this Internet era, communication travels fast and wide. Thanks to social media, people no longer rely solely on email to send or receive news, gossip, photos and videos.

Social media

  Information shared in the social media is occasionally malicious in nature and touch
on the sensitivity of certain individuals, ethnic groups or religions.


However, from time to time, the email contents and  information shared in the social media are malicious in nature and touch on the sensitivity of certain individuals, ethnic groups or religions.

It is also improper to share photos or videos of people who  killed or injured. While some may share them for the purpose of reminding others about certain issues, many actually see them as a form of entertainment.

Sharing as such is not only unethical, but also an invasion of privacy for those concerned and their families. Imagine how the families must feel when the photos or videos of their dead or maimed loved ones are  distributed over the Internet.

There are also instances when photos and videos may have leaked out from  journalists and the police. More care should be taken by these professionals to protect them, so that they are not circulated to the wrong people.

Use email and the Internet wisely. Respect other people. Even more so, respect the dead, too. Don't do unto others things you don't want others to do unto you and your families

By Abdun Nizar Ahmad, Kajang, Selangor

Source: New Straits Times Letters to the Editor 15 December 2011
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