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What do you think .. brunch on the house

Early morning today, went to Triple-E Recycling Sdn Bhd to clear up 'extras' at home. With the trips, anyone would surely need 'fuel' to bring back what's taken-out. I had been reading and watching 'aristocrats' sharing what they had for 'taking a break' or 'time-out' or 'simple things' tasties. Maybe their luck is much more better than I do, alhamdulillah, but as for me this is my 'simple tasties' which I will never be without. It keeps me very much alive till now, alhamdulillah, and of course it will always remind me how to 'stay alive'. It reminds me of how to survive and be 'myself'. It will always remind me the colours of life, the 'tasties' that will tell me that how lucky I am to be a person, though not as lucky as the others.

Food for
Food for comes with Cold Rice, Lombok Rawit (green and red), Soya Souce (salty), Sambal Ikan Bilis, Green Plastic Saucer

Others will smile or laugh at the way I put this, but it gives me great pleasure to share this. As long as I am happy with the gift from Allah, I will always say Alhamdulillah. May not be the best, may not be too delicious, may not be what others think but yet it comes with flavour. The no taste of cold rice, the green and red hot lombok rawit, the salty black soya sauce, the tasty sambal ikan bilis, what more can I asked for.
A simple but ....
A simple but .... Cold Rice, Lombok Rawit (green and red), Soya Souce (salty), Sambal Ikan Bilis, Green Plastic Sauce
What's in it? Very simple, cold rice (nasi sejuk) from last nite cooking, the balance or nasi lebih semalam punya, fried egg (telog mata lembu), black soya souce (kicap or tokyu from any brand, some might prefer Cap Kipas Udang, Tamin, 333 or whatever sauce you prefer), chillies (green and red cili padi, cili burung or lombok rawit or ordinary chillies but I much prefer the lombok rawit in green and red) and sambal ikan bilis (home made).
That goes with ....
That goes with .... Cold Rice, Lombok Rawit (green and red), Soya Souce (salty), Sambal Ikan Bilis, Green Plastic Saucer
And here is how you take the 'simple things', sit on the floor at the back of the kitchen balcony and then smile and snap your photos. I am happy and thankful, alhamdulillah ..... larrriiikkkk!

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