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Education is never free

I REFER to the report “Free schooling for 457,000” (The Star, Dec 29 ) and find it misleading.

Many parents are facing the same issue year after year with school fees and other fees despite the Government doing its best to reduce the burden on parents.

On the day the schools gave out the RM100 education assistance from the Government, my daughter’s school also gave a list of books and fees that all students needed to buy or pay.

One was RM50 contribution to the PIBG and another RM50 contribution to the school board.

So there goes the RM100 education assistance.

Might as well give it to the school instead of wasting everyone’s time and effort to collect it and then give it back to the school.

I understand that schools need funds to build or maintain their premises. My daughter is in Form Five and I have been contributing since she was in Year One.

In September, Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd announced the setting up of a fund called The Community Chest.

The fund would be used to support Chinese, Tamil-national type schools and mission schools throughout Malaysia.

With an allocation of RM200mil a year, it could support more than 400 schools at RM500,000 each.

More schools can be supported if the school does not require such a huge sum.

So why do parents need to fork out RM100 again?

With the school population of 1,200 students, the school will be collecting RM120,000 per year. The more money the school has, the more they will spend on unnecessary things.

Beside the fees, parents have to contribute for the school’s maintenance and building funds and other miscellaneous items.

When my daughter was chosen to be a school prefect, parents were asked to buy a blazer (RM115), black skirt (RM26) and black shoes (RM29.90).

What happened to the funds that the school collected? Why don’t they use the fund to buy uniforms for the prefects?

Are funds collected by the school being properly utilised to maintain the schools?

Who is doing the auditing and checking? Who is telling them what they can use the funds for?

It is time the Education Ministry puts a stop to this.

Source: The STAR Online Home News Opinion 
Sunday January 1, 2012

Tags: education, pendidikan, perguruan, teachers

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