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Wee: New SOP on discipline

PUTRAJAYA: School heads must be swift in tackling disciplinary matters now that all cases must be reported to the ministry within 24 hours, said Deputy Edu­cation Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong.

Dubbed the 1:3:7 SOP, the standard operating procedure requires a brief report to be handed in on the day of the incident, a preliminary report be completed and handed in within three days and finally, action to be taken within seven days.

“The SOP, which will take effect immediately, will prevent schools from sweeping discipline matters under the carpet,” said Dr Wee after chairing the discipline committee meeting at the Education Ministry yesterday.

Dr Wee said the percentage of students involved in discipline problems had decreased from 2.06% in 2010 to 2.05% last year, based on the student population in the country.

Out of the 110,218 students involved in discipline problems, 66.1% were secondary school students while the rest were primary school pupils.

He added that a number of measures would be carried out to address discipline problems, including the launch of the Caring Teachers practices – Welcoming the Students and Appreciating the Students.

“Starting from March, the first phase of the programme will require teachers to be present to welcome the students before classes begin,” said Dr Wee.


Source: The STAR Online Home News Nation Wednesday January 18, 2012
Tags: disiplin, education

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