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Head prefect or big bully?

I AM a prefect from a school in Serdang, Selangor. I have held this “esteemed” position for some years. Unfortunately, it has brought me and my fellow prefects endless heartache and shame.

The school’s head prefect who should be a role model to students has a poor track record.

He is a bully with disciplinary problems. He is academically weak and does not excel in co-curricular activities.

As a result, students at school sometimes ridicule us (the prefects) as we have a “head” who deserves to be stripped of his position.

He is the son of a civil servant and school authorities have accorded him with certain benefits and that includes an exclusive parking lot for his motorcycle. He also comes up with his own rules that he deems fit.

The head prefect uses vulgar language when he ticks off prefects and students and his words are so cutting that many of us have cried.

Needless to say he has many enemies in school.

Students are bitter and parents are furious that despite their numerous complaints, no action has been taken against him.

So many good prefects have been prevented from taking on senior positions because of certain teachers and the power and influence the head prefect seems to have.

Prefects are also rostered to “catch” the late-comers and we often have to miss lessons.

We have also many other tasks to take care, some of which can be easily passed on to other students and teachers during their free periods. We don’t seem to have a voice anymore!

Also, I’d like to share with teachers across the country that while we prefects take our duties seriously, we are not your maids and should not be counted on for carrying out trivial tasks that you can handle yourselves.


Source: The STAR Home Education Sunday February 19, 2012

Tags: bullying, education, prefect

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