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Parents have to be totally involved

I WRITE in response to “Parents, stay out please” (The Star, Feb 21). I totally disagree. No responsible parent will stay out of anything that happens to their children.

That’s what parents are for, getting totally involved. Parents should find out more from the school and try to help in disciplining their children.

Who do you think should know a child better if not the parents?

Sadly, not all teachers behave as expected. My child attends an SJKC. Every day after school, I make a point to talk to her about what happened in school.

For the past week she has been telling me how her teacher will cane the students on their palm for wrong answers, a stroke for each mistake. Many of her friends cried after being caned, but the teacher continues to teach after that.

What learning can go into a child’s mind after such an experience, a sore palm and a fearful mind?

I always tell my child that in life we must not be afraid to make mistakes, but learn from them to be a better person.

Now this is not true for her anymore, all because of a teacher.

The teacher has put into my child a fear of going to school, robbed her of the joy of learning in school, taken away the confidence she once had (after doing her homework, she must call her friends to check the answers), and killed her creativity and motivation to learn.

Many a time, the teacher is late for class. When she enters and finds a noisy class she makes the students stand for the rest of the period.

My child begged me not to complain to the school fearing that the teacher will be less committed in teaching them.

Parents, do you still want to stay out?


The STAR Home News Opinion 
Wednesday February 22, 2012

Tags: disiplin, education, schools, teachers

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