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Parents, stay out please

I WRITE in support of the opinion that parents should not interfere in a school’s disciplinary board’s action and punishment meted on their children.

As a student, I rather say “no” as I see more disadvantages in allowing parents to do so.

Parents’ involvement will do no good but only harm the school and the students.

Disciplinary boards in school have the right to decide on any punishment for the students as the cases of indiscipline are the action of the students themselves.

By interfering in this process, parents are actually obstructing the development of the students’ personality and behaviour.

When most students nowadays are spoilt, embroiled in critical disciplinary problems and other misdemeanours, why do parents tend to blame the teachers?

Eventually, the teachers will start to be “kind and soft” on the students, or give up struggling for the good of the students. Yes, they still teach, completing their tasks, but their commitment will flag day by day.

I remember last year there was a father who attacked a teacher who scolded his daughter for not completing her homework, and he even demanded an apology on behalf of his daughter.

I mean, seriously, an apology for scolding your daughter for her betterment? This is ridiculous!

Relating the case, my teacher announced that she was totally annoyed and disappointed by the parent’s immature action. What wrong did the teacher do in wanting the student to be a better person?

With parents blindly supporting their children, students will rebel against the school’s rules or anything that curbs what they view as their right to full freedom.

They will not be afraid to break the rules and commit crimes as they know that their parents will back them.

Even worse, the students will lose their respect for teachers, a critical damaging effect.

For example, I was totally upset when I saw a classmate having a meal in class. I mean, it’s normal to face such problems with Form One students, but Form Five? For sure, that is showing disrespect to the teacher.

All this exists today because of false courage, maybe encouraged by their parents’ action.

Teachers are fighting hard for our – the students’, your children’s – future. Why attack them for doing their job?

I believe that parents should think twice before taking any action detrimental to the school’s authority.

Let the teachers shape us into great individuals with all the characteristics required for us to excel in this world.

MAHAMOOD MUBARAK ALI, Sungai Petani, Kedah.

The STAR Home News Opinion 
Tuesday February 21, 2012

Tags: disiplin, education, schools, teachers

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