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Teacher, HM fight in front of pupils

PENANG: A teacher and a headmaster got into fisticuffs yesterday in full view of a classroom of pupils.

The incident at a primary school in Air Itam near here allegedly began at 9.30am when the headmaster, 48, was making his rounds and came across a noisy classroom.

Furious over the lack of discipline among the pupils, the headmaster decided to record the scene with his camera.

Armed with the evidence, he confronted the class teacher and admonished him for failing to control his class.

An argument ensued which soon escalated into a fight.

The noisy classroom turned quiet as stunned pupils watched the teacher and headmaster trading punches and kicking each other.

The ruckus attracted the attention of other teachers who rushed in to separate the duo.

It is learnt that both the teacher and headmaster had sought treatment of injuries at a hospital.

When contacted, the headmaster said he would leave it to the authorities to investigate.

“I am a civil servant and I cannot say anything to the press. Let the police investigate. I have nothing further to say.”

Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Gan Kong Ming said police had classified the case as voluntarily causing hurt under Section 323 of the Penal Code.

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