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Email not yet fully exploited by govt departments

I READ with interest “Master FB and Twitter” (The Star, Feb 29) and would like to congratulate the relevant ministry for its move to encourage the broader use of new social media in official activities.

Although FB and Twitter are becoming part and parcel of life for most Malaysians, I would also suggest that all government staff maximise the use of official email for timely dissemination of information to the public.

Most public sector organisations display their staff email directory on their website, but most of the time these email addresses are just for show.

I have experienced getting an email reply after more than three weeks, and this is something not acceptable in the modern ICT era.

Also, one hardly gets a reply for enquiries made online via the portal of some ministries.

The public expects fast replies to all enquiries. If email communication cannot be improved, it will be good for the government department to not display the staff’s email address on their website.

Besides that, some ministry’s web pages are also not updated regularly and staff members listed sometimes are no longer serving in the ministry. This also needs to be rectified.

I also hope the move to give freedom to public service personnel to use FB and Twitter will not be abused and cause productivity to fall.


The STAR Home News Opinion Thursday March 1, 2012

Tags: ict

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