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Of PIBG manipulators and fair policies

LAST week I had the rare opportunity to attend the annual general meeting (AGM) of the parent teacher association (PIBG) of a Government school in Kuala Lumpur.

The meeting started with some usual formal procedures and then proceeded with a parent politely seeking clarification on an expense incurred in the previous year.

When the PIBG Committee was unable to provide a credible answer, one parent from the crowd gave his justification for the expense in a loud intimidating tone.

The chairman looked pleased and announced that the person who stood up to speak was a former PIBG Chairman.

That person was later elected unanimously as the current PIBG chairman.

Nobody was interested in challenging him.

The principal and the PIBG committee seemed very comfortable with the manner in which the meeting was conducted.

May I suggest that the AGM of parent teacher associations be video-taped and submitted to the Ministry.

The tape should be handed in along with reports to identify the power-brokers and manipulators to ensure that the association does what it was set up to do — cooperation between parents and teachers for the benefit of schoolchildren.

Ministry officials should take the time and trouble to study video tapes and the reports and take action if necessary.

Schools are where children are nurtured and great attention and importance must be given to the running of schools to ensure that all discriminatory practices are eliminated.

Every student must be made to feel that he or she is part of the school.

It is pointless talking about the 1Malaysia spirit, we need leaders who are bold enough to implement good policies that cut across racial and religious barriers.

Malaysians have matured in their thinking as shown by events in recent years and all communities I am sure, will support fair and progressive policies.

Leaders should not be intimidated by the extremists.

PCG Via e-mail

The STAR Home Education Sunday March 4, 2012

Tags: education, pibg, pta

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