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HMs must show good leadership

I REFER to the column by A. Kathirasen "Boxed into a corner" (NST, March 7).

The message was very clear and interestingly put.

I agree that a revamp of the education system should be undertaken only by education experts, parents and teachers.

I also think there should be some kind of input from students in secondary schools and university lecturers and undergraduates.

However, reading the article, I had the impression that teachers were mostly at fault for the problems in the education system.

This is not true, as I have family members who are teachers and can safely say they are all very hardworking.

I can see they are tired when they come home and they have to prepare school work for the next day, too.

If you ask me, the problem is with school heads.

I gather that many of them are lacking in many areas and most are not suited for the post.

Some are too demanding, forcing teachers to do all sorts of things, some of which are not related to teaching.

Kathirasen did not mention this. Maybe he is not aware of this.

Therefore, I urge the Education Ministry to look into this.

If you have school heads who are incompetent or who cannot manage well, you are sure to have lots of problems. There has to be good leadership if one is not to have problems in schools or in any organisation.

I agree with Kathirasen that only educational considerations should be taken into account when the revamp is done.

It must strictly be a revamp done with the future of our children in mind.

Also, there should be no more flip-flops.

Please study the whole situation properly and then come up with a proper system.

By J.L.L., Kuala Lumpur

Source: The New Straits Times Letters to the Editor 09 March 2012 
Tags: heads, teachers

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