kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Golfing in Thailand

When you decide to join your buddies for golf in Thailand , here are some typical scenarios…

'Honey, can I go to Thailand with my friends to play golf for a week?'
The reaction will depend on the level of trust she has in you.
1) Complete trust:
   'Sure, go and have a good time with your friends. I heard the golf courses there are fantastic. I'll book the flight and hotel for you'.
2) Incomplete trust with a benefit of doubt:
'Yes, but please confine to the 18 holes on the golf course and have plenty of rest at night.'
3) Incomplete trust with one eye closed:
   'Don't do anything which I would not approve.'
 Crazy Tiger
4) No trust at all but has accepted the reality:
    'I'll pack the condom and viagra for you. Be careful, you are not young anymore.'
5) No trust and high level of suspicion:
  'I will also go and keep you company at night.'
6) Absolutely no trust:
   'Of course you can but first let me do this..........'

Don't tell me I didn't warned you !

But then you still can go back and try out this on your PC's 

Mouse for use .....


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