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Furious teacher throws sandal at pupil for talking

KUALA LUMPUR: In a fit of anger, a teacher flung her sandal at a seven-year-old boy for chatting when class was in session.

The Year One pupil suffered slight injury to an eye and bruises on the face.

A senior assistant from the school confirmed the incident and said the teacher would publicly apologise to the parents and the boy at the school today.

The boy’s father A. Murugan said his son came home on Monday evening complaining about the incident which happened earlier in the day at the school near Damansara.

“I was shocked when my son told me that his teacher threw a sandal at him while he was talking to his classmate,” said Murugan, a taxi driver.

He added that he immediately lodged a police report and took his son for a medical check-up on Monday.

His wife Manimegalai, who was also present at a press conference at the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) headquarters yesterday, said her son was traumatised by the incident.

“It was very degrading for my son when his teacher threw her sandal at him. Just imagine what would have happened if it had hit his eyes.

“Now my son is too afraid to go to school and we are left with no choice but to transfer him to another school,” she said.

She added that the doctor gave her son eye drops for infection and he also had a slight fever.

The parents demanded that the teacher be suspended from her duties.

The senior assistant said the teacher admitted throwing her sandal at the boy after losing her cool when the boy continued talking despite being reprimanded earlier.

According to the senior assistant, the teacher regretted her actions and she apologised to the boy after the class.

She, however, admitted that the school did not inform the boy’s parents about the incident.

“We were not aware about the incident until The Star called us about it,” said the senior assistant.


Source: The STAR Home News Nation Wednesday March 28, 2012
Tags: education, teachers

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